Steam was offline a few times on Thursday the 30th of January 2020

by John Calitz

There I was, sitting streaming some Basement of Wolves on Google play music when all of a sudden I notice a post on a Facebook group asking if anyone else's Steam is offline.

I immediately checked my application's status and it was offline too. I was wondering why on earth this would happen with such a large company such as Valve? Having done some networking myself, I know that for a large service redundancy is key.

Searching online today for answers to this lack of connectivity, I found an article on BRG. 

It would seem that Valve has yet to release a statement to explain this issue, however it affected mostly European areas.

I am old enough to remember the days where all you had was a CD Key, you could easily swap or trade games with a friend. However, being an adult and having the games locked to my account, I feel a sense of security. Unless of course the systems are offline and I can't play any of my games online.  What if authentication fails on login? Then I won't be able to play my offline games either.

What are your thoughts on Steam?