RGB - Why I do not like having too much

by John Calitz

So as someone who has grown up with PCs, I find myself confused by this RGB craze.

I understand the need for some lighting and improved aesthetics, as a child I had some green and red LED fans in those cheap Chinese cases with the dragon fan grills.

However, builds these days have so much RGB that I find it distracting, having the case with 6 RGB fans, LED strips, RGB on the motherboard and graphics card, RGB keyboard, headset, and mouse. All this with RGB strips behind the monitor and the case right in your field of view.

It's just too much, I prefer the builds that have either just the fans or the LED strips in them. Maybe the graphics card too, but that's it.

Maybe it's because I find that looks are not directly proportional to performance. I have seen builds that looked very unorganized and mismatched, but the performance was there. Sure you should be happy with what you have built, but make sure it's what you want, what you like.

Be creative, be yourself.