Covid 19 Prices and Youtube

by John Calitz

So with the Pandemic currently causing countries to implement LockDown measures, it has a real effect on techies.

One of the hardest-hitting is that prices for tech are expected to rise by about 20% during this time. Availability is non-existent and any trade would only be able to resume after the lockdown. This is a harsh possibility that we need to be ready for and expect.

These are uncertain times.

So youtube has started to set default streaming quality to 480p, this is to free up some bandwidth for the increase in users and also for those working at home. You can still bump up the quality but just loading up a video should default to 480p. They are rolling this out so it might not affect all users at this time.

Rain has also limited streaming quality on their network for services such as Netflix.

Stay at home, stay safe.